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Seller's Disclosure Act of 1993
Instructor: John Henderson

0:50 Minutes

Module 0 - Course Information


Student Identification

At the conclusion of this class, you will be required to input your Michigan real estate license number. Please have it available prior to starting the class.


Continuing Education Credit
This class has been approved by the for 1 hour of general/legal continuing education credit. At the completion of the course, your credit hours will be automatically posted to your account at within 14 days. To set up an account, 1) go to,, 2) Use your 10 digit Michigan Real Estate license number to create an account. 


Completion Time

To obtain continuing education credit, you must successfully complete the course which will take approximately 1 hour to finish. Students are allowed 90 days from the date of enrollment to complete each course. Each class hour earned is the equivalent of 50 minutes of direct learning time an average student would use to complete this course.  Complete the course work in one sitting. Students leaving the session before completing the entire course may be required to start at the beginning to receive full credit.


Instructional Support

Students are encouraged to ask questions. If you have questions regarding course content, you may email the course instructor to have your questions answered. Email address information is located on the Instructor’s Information page. Instructors strive to answer questions with 24 hours during business hours, 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday – Friday, excluding federal holidays.  


Prerequisite Skills

All classwork is presented in standard English. Each student should possess an understanding of the English language as well as basic computer skills. Also, students should possess a rudimentary knowledge of real estate concepts and it’s vocabulary to successfully navigate this course.


System Requirements

Students utilizing this course online should possess a computer or smart phone with 1) access to the World Wide Web, 2) ability to utilize video/audio files and 3) ability to print coursework as desired.


Course Work

This course work is divided into separate modules. Each module contains lessons in both written and multimedia formats, and incremental self-assessments. At the end of the session, there is a final exam so students can display proficiency in the subject.


Icons used in these courses


Written Lesson. This icon indicates a reading assignment for the student.


Multimedia Learning Check. This icon indicates there is a audio/video assignment for the student.


State Law. This icon references Michigan state law related to the subject.


Legal Update. This icon references recent court decisions related to the subject.


Assessment. At the end of each module, there is a learning check for students to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts presented. 


Links. Where appropriate, links to other websites are provided to explain, expand, or clarify lessons. The instructor/company makes no warranty as to the validity, usefulness or suitability of any website material not under our control.


Helpful Hints. Along with coursework material, the instructor adds practical advice and assistance for real estate professionals dealing with the subject matter.


Time Remaining Indicator. Located at the top of each new page, you will find an indicator identify the amount of time remaining 


Terms of Agreement
By enrolling in this course, the student hereby attests that he or she is the person completing all course work. He or she understands that having another person complete the course work for him or her is fraudulent and will immediately result in expulsion from the course and forfeiture of any credit received or payment made.


Further, student agrees not to duplicate or distribute any part of this copyrighted work or provide other parties with answers or copies of the assessments that are part of the course.


Written responses to assessments or discussion threads should be the student’s original work. If plagiarism or copyright infringement is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, the student will be notified of such and expelled from the course and/or certification revoked. 


Refund Policy

Refunds will not be provided once a student has started the course by pressing the BEGIN COURSE button.

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