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Instructor: John Henderson

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Module 1 Lesson 2 – Purposes of the Lead Based Paint Law


In response to the lead-based paint problem, Congress decided to:

1. Develop a national strategy to eliminate it.

2. Evaluate and reduce it’s hazards.

3. Encourage the prevention of childhood poisoning

4. Ensure governmental policies

5. Develop partnerships publicly and privately to deal with the problem,


42 USC 4851a


The purposes of this chapter are—


to develop a national strategy to build the infrastructure necessary to eliminate lead-based paint hazards in all housing as expeditiously as possible;


to reorient the national approach to the presence of lead-based paint in housing to implement, on a priority basis, a broad program to evaluate and reduce lead-based paint hazards in the Nation’s housing stock;


to encourage effective action to prevent childhood lead poisoning by establishing a workable framework for lead-based paint hazard evaluation and reduction and by ending the current confusion over reasonable standards of care;


to ensure that the existence of lead-based paint hazards is taken into account in the development of Government housing policies and in the sale, rental, and renovation of homes and apartments;


to mobilize national resources expeditiously, through a partnership among all levels of government and the private sector, to develop the most promising, cost-effective methods for evaluating and reducing lead-based paint hazards;


to reduce the threat of childhood lead poisoning in housing owned, assisted, or transferred by the Federal Government; and


to educate the public concerning the hazards and sources of lead-based paint poisoning and steps to reduce and eliminate such hazards.

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