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Build a Real Estate Team
Instructor: John Henderson

0:23 Minutes

Listing, escrow, field and lead generation coordinators are all examples of support functions. Supporting functions include managing each client’s expectations and transactional needs throughout the relationship. While selling tasks impact the bottom line, it’s the supporting staff – when done well – builds confidence in the team and the system which develops future business. 


Listing Coordinators 


Listing coordinators manage the team’s transaction files, from the time a lead is received until the offer is in writing. Responsibilities of a listing coordinator include the management of listings and pre-listing packages as well as offering support to other agents working on CMAs. The listing coordinator also manages the schedule of showings. This position typically includes the preparation of advertisements and flyers, and any other materials needed during the time when the listing lead is received and up until the execution of the sales agreement. 


Escrow Coordinators 


The listing coordinator, passes the baton to another team member, the Escrow Coordinator. Escrow Coordinators are tasked with the responsibility of managing the transaction file after all parties have executed the sales contract. Escrow coordinators manage numerous types of inspections, earnest money agreements, disclosures, lender issues, and title and escrow questions. Escrow coordinators are responsible for the management of the transaction file from the time the contract is executed until closing. 


Field Coordinators or Runners 


Field coordinators report to both the listing coordinator and escrow coordinator. The runner manages the signage (both installing and removing), lock boxes, flyers, and the delivery of documentation including pre-listing packages. Field coordinators are responsible for the important ancillary activities outside the office. 


Lead Generation Coordinator


When agents begin to receive an unmanageable number of leads, a licensee has no other choice but to begin prioritizing business and working only on the best, most productive leads. This leaves the remaining leads without contact, causing them to look for other agents to work with. Sometimes referred to as a lead scrubber, the lead generation coordinator makes initial contact with the leads generated for the team. This person qualifies, helps, and nurtures those warm leads that may get overlooked buy a busy agent. When a customers is ready to become an active client, the lead generation coordinator can set appointments for the appropriate agent. 


Managing the time of listing, escrow, field and lead generation coordinators can be accomplished by filling gaps between regular tasks with marketing as well as database development. 

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