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Build a Real Estate Team
Instructor: John Henderson

0:33 Minutes

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Module 2 - Lesson 2 - One task everyone shares - lead generation

Discovering the best way to generate leads is a skill that is unique to each licensee. For some agents, online resources work well as a way to seek out leads. Other agents prefer using social media sites such as to search out sales opportunities. Agents discover, often through trial and error, what works best and learn to hone a successful approach. Ultimately, the team leader is responsible for building a strong lead-generating network, which benefits the real estate team as a whole. Receiving leads from real estate team leaders is a tremendous benefit of being a part of a real estate team. 


When all team members work together to cultivate leads, sometimes there is a question as to whom the lead belongs upon closing. This is an important question that should be considered and clarified in the early stages of developing a real estate team. Each member should clearly understand every lead belongs to the team – not individual members.


One effective way to encourage active participation in gathering leads is to pay the person responsible an extra bonus for initiating the lead when the transaction closes. This allows both support staff and selling staff to benefit from the extra effort. 

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