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Build a Real Estate Team
Instructor: John Henderson

0:35 Minutes

It is advantageous to create a real estate team with diverse skills and distinct experiences. Selecting a team of seasoned agents may initially appear to be the most desirable choice, but new agents should also be considered. While experienced agents bring stability and confidence, newer agents bring fresh ideas and experience in newly emerging segments of the real estate market. Newer agents may also be better equipped to handle the technological aspects of real estate and current online marketing strategies. On the other hand, experienced agents are experts in specific areas of realty and have years of experience to draw from to negotiate complex deals.


A team comprised of new and experienced agents can provide consumers with a plethora of resources and knowledge that individual agents may not be able to provide, when acting independently. 


A smartly designed team will also free up team member’s time. Structure your team properly. Each staff member should share the responsibility of being on call. This gives agents time without distractions to focus on clients and provide exceptional service. 

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