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Build a Real Estate Team
Instructor: John Henderson

0:40 Minutes

Module 1 Self-Assessment Review

(We suggest printing this page as a study guide for the final exam * = CORRECT answer)

A team, in a sense is building a:


* A. Super-Agent.
B. Weak Agent.

C. Weekend Agent.
d. Solo Agent.


A basic reason for creating a team is:


A. So the team leader can enjoy weekends off.

* B. Leveraging multiple agents that generate increased sales.

C. Minimize competition by recruiting all other agents.

D. Create multiple dual agency situations.

Name a CON, or negative reason for joining a team:


A. Agents can focus their energy and talents into specific tasks.

B. Agents can share business expenses.

* C. Agents have less flexibility to promote their personal brand.

D. Agents share systems and tools to increase productivity.


A team leader should possess these qualities:


A. Vision.

B. Communication.

C. Consistency/Transparency.

* D. All the above.

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