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Clients are counting on you to lead them through the home-buying process. They have questions and don’t know where to start. Educating them early in your relationship puts everyone at ease, builds loyalty, and creates a shared vocabulary.

“Listen carefu...


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We’ve all faced resistant clients, plenty of competition and difficult situations when listing homes. This is how to successfully talk clients through (not away from) their objections. Answering questions and removing objections along the way clears t...


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Agents need brokers. And brokers need agents. Each brings value to the other. It’s a symbiotic relationship. When it’s in balance, it can be wonderful. When it’s out of balance, it can be wildly awesome…but for who?

a mutually beneficial...


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If you thought greeting a client was simply saying “Hi”! – you’d be wrong. Listing property is both art and science. A successful greeting will set the stage for a signed listing agreement later. There is plenty of relational science going on here, s...


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I can admit when I’m wrong. 

For years I’ve encouraged agents to take a shotgun approach to their marketing efforts. You know, spray and pray. Like a shotgun that spreads tiny pellets over a large area, I thought doing the same with marketing would som...


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Last week, we celebrated our 36thwedding anniversary. Being married this long has taught us something important about marriage and being agents: 

The business of real estate can bring heavy wear and tear on any marriage. 

Don’t get us wrong: we love rea...


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When asked why the Zestimate is so far off from our CMA, the common response is “Zillow cannot see your home, neighborhood, your upgrades or smell your neighbor’s cat’s litter box.” That may be changing. New technology has arrived that will shake up o...


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It all starts with your home office.

Smarter agents develop peak performance skills and add more flexibility into their lives. The rest just hang around the office cooler and follow the herd. Old school brokers still promote office space, water coolers...


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He wants mid-century modern. She wants a 2 story colonial. And their agent just wants to earn a living. Getting a couple on the same page takes finesse. This little activity might work wonders. 

Getting a couple to agree often starts

with getting them...


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You can build a perfect, irresistible listing presentation. Like an athlete in the zone, you can walk into any listing appointment with the confidence of certain success. Here’s how:

“Really, don’t you wish 
you could win every listing?”

Keeping in step...

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